it manager

it manager

Специалист (опыт работы больше 10)
Vilnius, Литва 2500 €/month Доступны сейчас

Ключевой опыт

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)

Сфера квалификации

Банки и финансы, Страхование


только Литва
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Задание по проекту: 51 €/h,
Штатная должность: 2500 €/month
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Доступны сейчас

Личное заявление

My experience in the field of IT covers 20 years. I am looking for new career opportunities as my current employer closes operations in the Baltics.

At the moment I am acting as IT Manager for 2 countries. Having been working in my current position since the establishment of the branch, I have had to develop its whole IT infrastructure and maintain all the hardware and software, the amount of which multiplied more than 20 times.  Development of Branches network, IT infrastructure and administration of all IT and PBX equipment in Lithuania and Latvia (7 agencies in Lithuania and 6 in Latvia), administrate 70 workstations in 15 locations and supporting all users;  
Responsible for Information security and Data protection and BCP;
Accounting systems administration;
local users support for OLAS – insurance system;
LAN and WAN development and administration;
IT budgeting

Specialties: MS operating systems; server architecture;

Набор навыков

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 1-2 years

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