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Senior Software Engineer (C++)

Старший сотрудник (опыт работы больше 5 лет)
Ключевой опыт: OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) | C | Git | Jira | C++ | Software Development | Testing | Software | Office 365 | Microsoft Outlook | Windows | System Development | System implementation | Unit Testing | Exploratory Testing | Visual Studio | Implementation | Regression Testing | Algorithms | Microsoft Office | Agile | Scrum | Visual C++
Доступны сейчас Vilnius, Литва 4000 €/month

Личное заявление

I am a self taught and industry hardened software engineer with eight years of professional programming experience in multiple languages and platforms. Most of my experience has been gained in dynamic multi-lingual programming environments, so I don’t consider learning any amount of new languages or technologies an issue. I have a personal bias for C++ and most of the projects I have worked on had it as the main language, though. I am familiar with a wide range of computer science fields and applications, which I have used in many different industries, such as software for medical devices, air traffic control, telecommunications and video games. I have also developed professionalism and good interpersonal skills inside and outside the teams I work with, maintaining good relations with direct or indirect clients and improving the company’s image. As a senior developer, I have been mentoring junior colleagues, carried out job interviews and can prepare and carry out lectures/presentations on basic, advanced or cutting-edge topics. On the organizational side, I am familiar with the Agile framework and its most popular tool - JIRA. Throughout my career, I have worked remotely, on-site, and on business trips of varying length (from a few days to a full year). Personally, I prefer to work in an office. I also maintain a big set of side-skills and hobbies – graphical design and 3d modeling, audio design and music composition etc. and always tend to get hands on with the fields of end-users of the software I am working on. It becomes a personal drive for the best user experience.

Набор навыков

OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) +6 years
Agile +6 years
Scrum +6 years
TDD (Test-Driven Development) 4-5 years
XP (Extreme Programming) 3-4 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 2-3 years
SAFe 2-3 years
C +6 years
C++ +6 years
C# 4-5 years
Java 3-4 years
SQL 3-4 years
Python 3-4 years
JavaScript 2-3 years
LUA 1-2 years
C+ Mobile 4-5 years
Android 3-4 years
Windows Phone 2-3 years
IOS 1-2 years
Linux 4-5 years
2D/3D graphics 3-4 years
OpenGL 2-3 years
Game Design 0-1 year
Software Development +6 years
System Development +6 years
System implementation +6 years
Implementation +6 years
Algorithms +6 years
Requirments Analysis 4-5 years
Applications Integration 4-5 years
Solution Architecture 3-4 years
Back-end development 3-4 years
Data Modeling 3-4 years
Application Architecture 2-3 years
Team Leading 2-3 years
Software Architecture 2-3 years
Front End Development 2-3 years
HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) 2-3 years
Analysis/Investigations 2-3 years
System Architecture 2-3 years
Data Migration 2-3 years
Configuration Management 2-3 years
Vector processors 2-3 years
Network Architecture 0-1 year
Java 8 3-4 years
Swing 2-3 years
Maven 1-2 years
Spring 1-2 years
SQL 4-5 years
MySQL 3-4 years
SQLite 3-4 years
Redis 2-3 years
PostgreSQL 2-3 years
MariaDB 0-1 year
C# 4-5 years
MVC 4-5 years
.Net 2-3 years
TypeScript 2-3 years
Node.js 2-3 years
Angular 2 1-2 years
Angular 1-2 years
Software +6 years
Office 365 +6 years
Microsoft Outlook +6 years
Windows +6 years
Microsoft Office +6 years
Technical Documentation 4-5 years
CI/CD 3-4 years
MVVM 3-4 years
Power Shell 3-4 years
Gradle 2-3 years
TCP/IP 2-3 years
Mac OS X 1-2 years
Visual C++ +6 years
Linux C++ 4-5 years
MFC C++ 2-3 years
Objective C 1-2 years
Docker 1-2 years
Testing +6 years
Unit Testing +6 years
Exploratory Testing +6 years
Regression Testing +6 years
Integration Test 5-6 years
Test Automation 5-6 years
Functional Testing 4-5 years
Black box testing 4-5 years
Test Case Design 3-4 years
Acceptance Testing 3-4 years
Non-Functional Testing 2-3 years
JUnit 1-2 years
Manual Testing 0-1 year
Git +6 years
Jira +6 years
Visual Studio +6 years
Eclipse 4-5 years
Subversion 4-5 years
Qt 3-4 years
UML 0-1 year
NetBeans 0-1 year
Confluence 0-1 year
Developer +6 years
Software developer +6 years
Software Engineer +6 years
Full-stack developer 4-5 years
Team Lead 2-3 years
Architect 2-3 years
App Development +6 years
Разработка игр 3-4 years
Телекоммуникационные услуги 2-3 years
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
High School degree Graduated
Inspirational Leadership +
Mind-blowing Projects +
HighTech-tools Supply +
Overwhelming Team +
Culture of Experiments +
Senior Software Engineer (C++)

Senior Software Engineer (C++)

Сфера квалификации
Технологические стартапы, Разработка игр, Телекоммуникационные услуги

только Европейский Союз
Ожидаемая ставка
Задание по проекту: 35 €/h,
Штатная должность: 4000 €/month
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