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Junior Front-End Developer

Младший сотрудник (опыт работы 1-2 года)
Ключевой опыт: Front End Development | Web Design | Adobe Photoshop
Доступны сейчас Kaunas, Литва 1000 €/month

Личное заявление

Moved to Germany learned their language and started my studies as a nurse, after 3 years of hard work I finished my studies and moved back to Lithuania because of personal reasons and decided to change my career and dive into the IT world. Coding is something I've always wanted to do and with the help of ''Vilnius Coding School'' I will get the base knowledge to start my career 

 • I'm motivated to learn and jump forward.

 • I'm familiar with Agile philosophy and I work well in teams of any size.

Link to my "Vilnius Coding School" final project: https://github.com/sammykINC/First-Website

Visual Representation: https://sammyk-inc.web.app/index.html

Набор навыков

Front End Development 1-2 years
Web Design 1-2 years
Adobe Photoshop 1-2 years
Junior Front-End Developer

Junior Front-End Developer

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Штатная должность: 1000 €/month
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