ServiceDesk specialistas

ServiceDesk specialistas

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Adobe Creative Suite | Team Leading | Java | CSS3 | IOS | PHP | JavaScript | HTML5 | MySQL | Agile | Marketing & Management | Mac OS X | Administration | Microsoft Office

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My work experience is consistent. I have been constantly working with intellectual music and professional theatre. I think this is one of my advantages. Creativity and good taste are necessary to work in any field. Thus, I wish to get the opportunity to work with IT projects.

What I like about IT is stability and clear management principles. The main motivation in my life is to gain knowledge and share them all the time. In my opinion, these are the priorities of both sides for achieving high results. I am not a university graduate, but my working skills, creativity, motivation and care are the most important qualities that i can offer.

As a person, I am loyal and caring. How do I imagine a perfect position and relationships at work: listening, caring, developing ideas and team working. People perform jobs. Thus, people and how they feel are the most important. That is why I pay a lot of attention to it. I believe I am a perfect middleman between a specialist and a client, because when I listen to people, I understand and know how to care for them. Answer “No” means “I need more to trust you”.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Adobe Creative Suite iki metų
Team Leading iki metų
Java iki metų PHP iki metų JavaScript iki metų
CSS3 iki metų HTML5 iki metų
IOS iki metų
MySQL iki metų
Agile iki metų
Marketing & Management iki metų
Mac OS X iki metų Administration iki metų Microsoft Office iki metų
Komandos Lyderis(-ė) iki metų Projektų Vadovas(-ė) iki metų Really Good Person :) iki metų Project Coordinator iki metų
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