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Senior/Lead engineer

Ekspertas (+10 metų patirtis)
Didžiausia patirtis: Java
Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui 7500 €/Mėn.

Apie Mane

I am experienced in building systems small and large, in an enterprise environment where documentation and security is the kind and in startups where speed matters. I define myself as a problem solver that can come up with a few solutions to the problems that you have and then work together with the team to narrow them down into the implementation.

I have worked with data pipelines, search systems, all kinds of backend systems and frameworks. I will not list the programming languages here, because I don't believe that a developer is defined by a or the languages that they can use (I can assure that I am proficient in more than a few of the popular ones).

I would currently be interested in a part time opportunity where I could commit to at least 20 hours a week. However, based on my own availability I would work as much as I am able to

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Java 3-4 metai
Python 1-2 metai
Data Management iki metų
Enterprise Architecture iki metų
Application Architecture iki metų
Security Architecture iki metų
Team Leading iki metų
Software Architect iki metų
Risk Management iki metų
Data Migration iki metų
Infrastructure Architecture iki metų
Requirements Gathering iki metų
Solution Architecture iki metų
Redis iki metų
PostgreSQL iki metų
Senior/Lead engineer

Senior/Lead engineer

Patirtis Sektoriuje
Prekyba, Technologijų Startup, E-Komercija, IT Įmonė

Tik Nuotoliniu būdu
Atlygio Rėžiai (po mokesčių)
Darbas Projekte: 75 €/h,
Pastovus darbas: 7500 €/Mėn.
Darbinis statusas
Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui
(Atnaujinta: Prieš 4 mėnesius)

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