Python (AI, ML) programmer

Python (AI, ML) programmer

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Pastovus darbas: 1400 €/Mėn.
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Apie Mane

I am looking for programmer job (with Python language, prefer Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence) or something similar.

I am familiar with programmable logical controllers (STM32, atmega). I have schematic knowledge in modelling logical electrical schemes and experience in manufacturing printed circuit board prototypes. I know different peripheries of communication. All in all mostly I am interested in python programming (ML, AI)

I have a certificate:


Usually I spend my free time deepening my knowledge of AI, ML and creating small projects. About me - I take the initiative and carry out the entrusted tasks responsibly. I am able to set goals to myself and achieve them. I am sincere, responsible, tidy, honest, persevering, patient, ingenious, proactive, responsive to new technologies. I quickly learn new information, have good logical thinking, have a good

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