Project Architect / Senior Developer

Project Architect / Senior Developer

Ekspertas (+10 metų patirtis)
14% atsakoma į užklausas
Vilnius, Lietuva 4000 €/Mėn. Dirbu

Didžiausia patirtis

MySQL | MSSQL | XML | Waterfall | C# | .Net | DB Architecture | C# | UML | .Net & SQL | SQL | Requirements Gathering | HTML | TSQL | Applications Integration | MVC | SQL | Visual Studio | Requirement Specification | Requirments Analysis

Patirtis Sektoriuje

Bankas ir Finansai, IT Įmonė, Gamyba, Prekyba


Tik Europos Sąjungoje
Atlygio Rėžiai (po mokesčių)
Darbas Projekte: 30 €/h,
Pastovus darbas: 4000 €/Mėn.
Darbinis statusas

Apie Mane

I started my IT carrier in the end of second year of university. It was medium size national IT Company. Our focus was ERP system for small and medium corporates.

I started as report developer and database specialist. In year or two, I have been certified for Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics). With this my personal achievement, my employer establish new service for his customers. It was Navision development and database migration solution.

Several years later, I moved to .Net development with focus on mobile solution for retail business area. It was challenging task to me. Not only because of technology. With this step we went to new unknown market.

At this position, I was responsible for development and architecture of mobile ERP solution. This year we gain first customer and it was very successful start. We were one of first and leading companies in this sector.

Few years later, I receive new great opportunity to create a small warehouse solution for our ERP system. It was great start too and our company was strong competitor in market for small warehouses.

In total, I spend 10 years with my first employer and I can say that it was fantastic years together.

At same time I got great opportunity to join Swedbank and take a part building Swedbank Competence Center in Lithuania. I started in small group of 3 people and we began to grow our competence in Swedish payments and clearing department.

We were one of the first who join Swedbank Competence Center and in two years our group grown up to 15 people in Vilnius with great competence in payments and clearing area.

I have focus to International payment area with underlying infrastructure. My role includes service maintenance and new feature development. I and my team mates are highly involved in internal projects with different roles and assignments in scope of those projects.

At the same time, being proactive, I was one of the activists to open Swedbank IT Academy. It is responsible to grow new talents in IT testing and development areas. And we proud that many brilliant students are joining Swedbank later. I glad to be part of Academy and enable young people to grow.

In parallel with Swedbank IT Academy, I have great opportunity to be a reviewer in University of Applied Sciences for student bachelor’s degree. With this my public initiative I hope to be part of growing IT community in Lithuania.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

C# 5-6 metai .Net 5-6 metai .Net & SQL 5-6 metai MVC 5-6 metai IoC and Dependency Injection 2-3 metai WPF 1-2 metai PowerShell 1-2 metai
Waterfall 5-6 metai Scrum 3-4 metai Agile 3-4 metai ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 3-4 metai
MySQL 5-6 metai MSSQL 5-6 metai DB Architecture 5-6 metai TSQL 5-6 metai SQL 5-6 metai DB2 3-4 metai Oracle DB 3-4 metai SQLite 2-3 metai Sybase 1-2 metai Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 1-2 metai SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) iki metų
Websphere MQ 3-4 metai SWIFT 3-4 metai IBM Websphere 3-4 metai MS Dynamics 1-2 metai MS Navision 1-2 metai
JDBC 3-4 metai LOG4J 3-4 metai Java SE 3-4 metai Swing iki metų
Requirements Gathering 5-6 metai Applications Integration 5-6 metai Requirement Specification 5-6 metai Requirments Analysis 5-6 metai Solution Architecture 3-4 metai Application Architecture 3-4 metai
Red Hat 2-3 metai Linux 2-3 metai Solaris iki metų
UML 5-6 metai Visual Studio 5-6 metai Eclipse 4-5 metai Git 2-3 metai
Windows Phone 4-5 metai Android 1-2 metai
Visual C++ 1-2 metai MFC C++ 1-2 metai
WordPress 1-2 metai Twig iki metų
XML 5-6 metai HTML 5-6 metai Ajax 1-2 metai JSon 1-2 metai XSLT 1-2 metai REST 1-2 metai CSS3 iki metų Flash iki metų
C# 5-6 metai SQL 5-6 metai Cobol 3-4 metai PHP 3-4 metai C++ 1-2 metai
Programuotojas(-a) 5-6 metai IT Analyst 4-5 metai Architektas(-ė) 1-2 metai
IT Įmonė 5-6 metai Aplikacijų kūrimas 5-6 metai Prekyba 4-5 metai Bankas ir Finansai 3-4 metai Gamyba 2-3 metai
Vidurinė mokykla Gautas diplomas Bakalauras IT srityje Gautas diplomas Magistras IT srityje Gautas diplomas
Rusų Родной Язык Lietuvių Gimtoji Anglų Independent User (B1/B2) Švedų Baspresterande språkanvändare (A1/A2)
Išskirtiniai Projektai + + + Neįveikiama Komanda + + + Profesionalūs Mokymai + + + Modernus Biuras + + + HIGH-TECH darbo priemonės + + + Nauja Vieta ir Kelionės + + Karjeros Vartai + + Įkvepiantys Vadovai + Narystės ir Nuolaidos + Culture of Experiments +

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