.NET, Blazor

.NET, Blazor

Jaunesnysis (1-2 metų patirtis)
Vilnius, Lietuva 1200 €/Mėn. Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui

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.Net & SQL | HTML5 | CSS3

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IT Įmonė


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Pastovus darbas: 1200 €/Mėn.
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Apie Mane

I am a Computer Science graduate, currently extremely invested in acquiring experience in Front & Back-End environments concerning, but not limited to windows applications and websites.

From a given project or a task I tend to extract and digest as much information as I can while at the same time focusing on developing an end product, which would make me and my employer satisfied.

Fun, outgoing, sporty, stubborn and honest is what my best friends would describe me as. I like to smile through the bad and the good, which helps me stay focused and on track.

My desire for knowledge and professional expertise is proven by not only my skills, but my Erasmus+ trips as well.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

.Net & SQL 1-2 metai
HTML5 1-2 metai CSS3 1-2 metai
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) iki metų MySQL iki metų SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) iki metų
JavaScript iki metų

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