IT project manager / Scrum master

IT project manager / Scrum master

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Release Manager/management | Microsoft Office | SQL | Business Analysis | Support of Systems | Customer Facing | Stakeholders Management

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IT Įmonė


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I am an IT project manager / Scrum master with 5 years of work experience.

I have started as a developer with additional responsibilities to collaborate with the users: gather requirements, show product demos and consult. The human interactions has uncovered me some of my hidden strengths, which I was looking forward to explore more in the project managers role.

So now I am already 9+ years in the IT business. I have a variety of experience in the payment and loyalty solutions development for small and large European retailers (i.e. 20k customers database, 600k monthly transactions, 500 sales points). Lately I have been focusing on agile (scrum), however, I had opportunities to practice waterfall and mixed project management methods as well.7 developers have been working with me as a team and good relationships with 20 stakeholders has been always my priority.

I believe I can add value for the company by:

-delivering projects with the help of 5 year know-how

-building and maintaining good relationships with stakeholders

-creating the environment of learning and maintaining good climate in the team.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Release Manager/management virš 6 metų Business Analysis virš 6 metų Support of Systems virš 6 metų Customer Facing virš 6 metų Stakeholders Management virš 6 metų Solution Architecture 1-2 metai Infrastructure Architecture iki metų Application Architecture iki metų
Microsoft Office virš 6 metų
SQL virš 6 metų MSSQL 4-5 metai DB Architecture 2-3 metai
Agile 2-3 metai
Data analysis
Google Analytics iki metų
Microsoft SSIS/SSRS iki metų
Business Analyst virš 6 metų Helpdesk & IT Support virš 6 metų Really Good Person :) virš 6 metų IT Analyst virš 6 metų Projektų Vadovas(-ė) 5-6 metai Programuotojas(-a) 3-4 metai Scrum Master 1-2 metai
Bankas ir Finansai virš 6 metų IT Įmonė virš 6 metų Aplikacijų kūrimas virš 6 metų
Lietuvių Gimtoji Anglų Proficient Business Level (C1/C2) Rusų Независимый Пользователь (B1/B2)
Culture of Experiments + + Įkvepiantys Vadovai + + Neįveikiama Komanda + + Išskirtiniai Projektai + + Profesionalūs Mokymai + Karjeros Vartai +
Bakalauras IT srityje Gautas diplomas

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