Full Stack (.NET / JS / Node) Developer

Full Stack (.NET / JS / Node) Developer

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ASP.Net | C# | .Net | HTML5 | JSon | Dojo | Ajax | JQuery | JavaScript | C# | .Net & SQL | SQL | HTML | Rest API | MVC

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Full stack developer, specializing in single page web apps. Obsessive about code quality. Meanwhile I still realize, that code is a cost, not an asset - purpose is not to create code, but to create positive business impact.


I don’t overly associate myself with specific technologies. I have spent most of my time to gain skills that are transferrable between different programming languages:
 Code architecture / design patterns – I believe that clean code is very important, therefore I am big supporter of writing small, reusable, decoupled components.
 Performance – more practical (e.g. JQuery selectors, caching, database queries), not so much academic (e.g. sorting algorithms).
 Debugging – I usually get to the root of problem. I don’t consider it solved, until I understand it completely.
 Testability – I consider unit/integration tests a must have for any application.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

HTML5 5-6 metai JSon 5-6 metai Ajax 5-6 metai HTML 5-6 metai CSS3 4-5 metai Bootstrap 1-2 metai XML iki metų SASS iki metų
Dojo 5-6 metai JQuery 5-6 metai Rest API 5-6 metai Angular.js 1-2 metai React.js iki metų Node.js iki metų Handlebars iki metų
ASP.Net 5-6 metai C# 5-6 metai .Net 5-6 metai .Net & SQL 5-6 metai MVC 5-6 metai RESTful 4-5 metai IoC and Dependency Injection 2-3 metai Reports 2-3 metai ORM 2-3 metai WCF 1-2 metai PowerShell iki metų
JavaScript 5-6 metai C# 5-6 metai SQL 5-6 metai Java 1-2 metai C++ 1-2 metai Python iki metų C iki metų
MSSQL 4-5 metai Oracle PL/SQL 4-5 metai NoSQL 1-2 metai Mongo DB iki metų
Programuotojas(-a) 3-4 metai Testuotojas(-a) 1-2 metai
Anglų Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Išskirtiniai Projektai + + + Neįveikiama Komanda + + + Įkvepiantys Vadovai + + + Modernus Biuras + + Culture of Experiments + +
Magistras IT srityje Gautas diplomas

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