Python & PHP frameworks & Javascript Angel with lots of other tech stacks

Python & PHP frameworks & Javascript Angel with lots of other tech stacks

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Warshawa, Lenkija 4000 €/Mėn. Laisvas(-a) šiuo metu

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OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) | PHP | JavaScript | Visual C++

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IT Įmonė


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Darbas Projekte: 30 €/h,
Pastovus darbas: 4000 €/Mėn.
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Apie Mane

My name is Alex Lee and I am a professional software engineer and I am a senior full-stack developer with 6+ years of experience in programming for the web. I am working with the latest trends and technologies while developing IT and web-based projects. I love sharing my talents and vast coding experience with foreign companies.

With my remarkable development ability, I strive to complete the architecture, implementation, and design process of the system. It gives me great satisfaction to see a company gain from my experience and talents.

My area of expertise includes understanding the full scope of the project with clients, team coordination, requirement analysis, specifications writing, usability review, and design documentation etc. I like to promote an object-oriented approach to web development. I am analytical and detail-oriented which helps my clients achieve their goals with full confidence in my work.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) virš 6 metų
Visual C++ virš 6 metų
Open Cart 5-6 metai CodeIgniter 4-5 metai Laravel 4-5 metai
PHP virš 6 metų JavaScript virš 6 metų Python 5-6 metai
Back-end development 5-6 metai
React.js 5-6 metai Node.js 4-5 metai Express.js 4-5 metai Angular 3-4 metai React Native 3-4 metai Vue.js 3-4 metai
DJango 3-4 metai
Full-stack developer 5-6 metai

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