Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Microsoft Office

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Apie Mane

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist. 

My main goal is to work with brilliant and driven people who don't work just to work but to strive for the best. I am not afraid to take big responsibilities and promise to deliver good results. 

At Omnisend (Marketing Automation Platform) my title is "Content Distribution Manager". I take care mainly of content distribution via various channels. Also I am the person behind social media. I take pictures, write texts and communicate with fans. I take care of paid ads too. We work with worldwide audiences.

When I was working at "Socialus Marketingas" (Digital Advertising Agency) I was working as a "Social Media Advertising Specialist". That means I took care of technical duties when it comes to advertising, as well as budgeting, planing and estimating. I also had my own clients with whom I had the opportunity to learn more about project management and communication.

I also had quite a few internships. At "CG Trader" I was able to learn about Search Engine Optimization basics like backlink research and bulk email. "Market Rats" helped me to learn more about advanced SEO - keyword research, quality backlinks and website optimization. "KEMDU" were able to teach me about website project management and digital project development. I learned what is a website project, from the first mock ups to the last touches.

At the moment I also work as a freelance social media marketing administrator and specialist, or simply put - a guru. I take care of my client's visuals, texts, ad types and budgets and of course - the results.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Microsoft Office virš 6 metų
Data analysis
Google Analytics 2-3 metai
Adobe Photoshop iki metų
Lietuvių Gimtoji Anglų Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Reklamos 2-3 metai IT Įmonė 1-2 metai
Projektų Vadovas(-ė) 2-3 metai
Įkvepiantys Vadovai + Profesionalūs Mokymai + Išskirtiniai Projektai +

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