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Ajax | MySQL | XML | HTML5 | JavaScript | PHP | SQL | HTML

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Bankas ir Finansai, Reklamos, IT Įmonė


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Apie Mane

Searching for main programmer or lead programmer job or just a project as freelancer. I have 10 years experience of programming using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and 4 years experience of leading programmer team. Have been developing portals with daily visitor count about 10.000 – 20.000, web based software for heat map and back link tracking, affiliate management, specialized systems for real estate (system involved realtors, attorneys, real estate organizations (managers, administrators), photographers, processors), task management systems, SERP monitoring, Automated text rewriting and content analysis system. Have experience in doing website inside and outside SEO. Have experience with other programming languages: classic asp, Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, Action script. Have been using PHP frameworks: Codeigniter, Zend, and personal built. Have experience with web and email marketing. Love challenges and solving problems in creative ways, not only using standard procedures but trying to look at problem from all sides. Believe that all things can be done just need some time and some googling (to find ideas that will lead to sollution).

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Ajax 5-6 metai XML 5-6 metai HTML5 5-6 metai HTML 5-6 metai CSS3 3-4 metai REST 3-4 metai Flash 2-3 metai Bootstrap iki metų
MySQL 5-6 metai MariaDB 3-4 metai MSSQL 1-2 metai PostgreSQL 1-2 metai
Solution Architecture 4-5 metai Business Analysis 4-5 metai Data Analysis 4-5 metai Requirements Gathering 4-5 metai Application Architecture 4-5 metai Applications Integration 4-5 metai Team Leading 3-4 metai
Jira 4-5 metai Git 3-4 metai Subversion 3-4 metai Memcached 1-2 metai UML 1-2 metai Eclipse iki metų
Zend 3-4 metai WordPress 2-3 metai Symfony 1-2 metai CodeIgniter 1-2 metai Phalcon 1-2 metai Twig 1-2 metai Drupal iki metų Cake iki metų
JavaScript 5-6 metai PHP 5-6 metai SQL 5-6 metai C++ 2-3 metai C 2-3 metai Delphi 2-3 metai Bash iki metų
JQuery 2-3 metai Rest API 2-3 metai Node.js iki metų

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