Backend Software Engineer

Backend Software Engineer

Vyresnysis (2-4 metų patirtis)
London, Anglija 4000 €/Mėn. Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui

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Technologijų Startup, IT Įmonė, Bankas ir Finansai


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Atlygio Rėžiai (po mokesčių)
Darbas Projekte: 50 €/h,
Pastovus darbas: 4000 €/Mėn.
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Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui

Apie Mane

Experienced backend engineer with extensive Python and Java background. My career so far took me across a few well-known London fintechs that are revolutionising multiple financial sectors. I have extensive experience in engineering data pipelines with tools like Airflow, distributed systems management using Celery and developing software with Python and Java. Most work done using trusty AWS.

Things I have done that I am proud of: worked on optimizing limit order book algorithms for data processing as well as figuring out ways reduce storage costs and improve performance. I worked on a financial exchange developing features for daily trading and writing performant code to speed up executions.

I am extremely passionate about clean, well-tested code. I also care about performance hence am well-versed in data structures and algorithms foundational knowledge. I have solved some problems in business using concepts like Dynamic Programming which is considered obscure but resulted in 10x performance gains.

I am looking for Python backend engineer role. Happy to work with Java as well or pick up cool tech like Go. I am NOT experienced in frontend development hence would be poor candidate for full-stack roles though.

Patirtis ir Įgūdžiai

Algorithms 4-5 metai Back-end development 3-4 metai Software Development 3-4 metai Data Analysis 3-4 metai Distributed development 2-3 metai
Python 3-4 metai
PostgreSQL 3-4 metai
Java 8 2-3 metai

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