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Web developer

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: HTML | Ubuntu | Scrum | JavaScript | Git | HTML5 | CSS3 | Agile
Open to Discuss Vilnius, Lithuania 5000 €/month

Personal Statement

I'm full-stack software developer with 12 years of experience working as an engineer, freelancer and startups co-founder. During that time I worked in UBER, Blockchain and Python consulting, Ministry of Education of Lithuania, one of biggest (IT oriented) insurance broker company in Baltic states and a few own startups. Mostly I have worked with Python (Plone, Zope, Pyramid, Django), JavaScript/TypeScript(NodeJs, React, Meteor) and Solidity. Also I have played with Elixir, Ruby, Java and C#. As databases I have used MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and MongoDB.

I'm using Linux for more than 15 years and have some Linux administration experience.

Skill Stack

HTML +6 years
HTML5 +6 years
CSS3 +6 years
Nginx 5-6 years
LESS 3-4 years
SASS 3-4 years
REST 3-4 years
DJango 2-3 years
Bootstrap 2-3 years
Ubuntu +6 years
Linux/Unix Admin 5-6 years
Debian 4-5 years
Red Hat 1-2 years
Rest API 4-5 years
JQuery 3-4 years
Underscore.js 3-4 years
React.js 2-3 years
Meteor.js 2-3 years
TypeScript 1-2 years
Handlebars 1-2 years
JavaScript +6 years
Python 4-5 years
Bash 4-5 years
SQL 2-3 years
C# 0-1 year
WordPress 3-4 years
Scrum +6 years
Agile +6 years
TDD (Test-Driven Development) 2-3 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 2-3 years
XP (Extreme Programming) 1-2 years
Git +6 years
Jira 2-3 years
Gulp 0-1 year
Jenkins 0-1 year
PostgreSQL 3-4 years
MySQL 2-3 years
Mongo DB 1-2 years
Redis 0-1 year
Inkscape 5-6 years
Wireframing 4-5 years
UX Design 3-4 years
Adobe Photoshop 0-1 year
Adobe Illustrator 0-1 year
Axure 0-1 year
Web developer

Web developer

30% response rate

Sector Background
Bank&Finance, Telecommunication, Advertising, IT Company, Insurance, E-Commerce, Technology Startup, Retail

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 50 €/h,
Full time position: 5000 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
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