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Software tester/QA Tester/QA Specialist/Testing Specialist/Test Automation Specialist/Test Lead

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: Android | Waterfall | Manual Testing | HP Quality Center | Regression Testing | Integration Test | Exploratory Testing | ISTQB | Functional Testing | Acceptance Testing
Working Trakai, Lithuania 700 €/month

Personal Statement

I am a QA tester at "DnB Bank" IT department in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am a man with high interest in IT, as I was for quite some time. My way to IT field started with me being chosen as one of 10 people, who are passionate about IT, to participate in a starting IT career "FIT4JOBS" IT System Testing Basics course program organized by "Langas i ateiti" organisation. In these courses i have learned various software testing methods, using various software tools. After courses i started working as a QA Intern at "Swedbank", where I was testing various bank system operations, transactions and systems itself. It was my starting point for starting my career in IT.

I am now working as a QA tester at "DnB Bank". I started as a QA tester in "SEPA" project. This was a big project, which involved testing in many various banking processes, applications, modules and systems. During this time I managed to learn great deal and to deepen my knowledge in banking IT systems, skills as a QA tester. I am always a part of a team at "DnB", but i also have to make my input as an individual, so both teamworking and handling individual responsibilities are essential. My main responsibility has become test automation for E-Banking system. Test automation is really changeling, but I decided it is the course I want to take in IT where I can grow and develop myself. Of course I continue to grow as QA tester and overall in IT field everyday, as i work here.

Skill Stack

Waterfall 1-2 years
Android 1-2 years
IOS 0-1 year
Manual Testing 1-2 years
HP Quality Center 1-2 years
Regression Testing 1-2 years
Integration Test 1-2 years
Exploratory Testing 1-2 years
ISTQB 1-2 years
Functional Testing 1-2 years
Acceptance Testing 1-2 years
SoapUI 0-1 year
Selenium 0-1 year
JMeter 0-1 year
Mobile Automated Testing 0-1 year
Test Automation 0-1 year
Non-Functional Testing 0-1 year
Unit Testing 0-1 year
C# 0-1 year
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Rusų Опытный Пользователь (C1/C2)
High School degree Graduated
Tester 1-2 years
Bank & Finance 1-2 years
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Overwhelming Team + + +
Inspirational Leadership + + +
Career Gateway + + +
Exceptional Training + + +
HighTech-tools Supply + + +
Relocation & Travel + +
High-End Office + +
Culture of Experiments + +
Memberships & Discounts +
Software tester/QA Tester/QA Specialist/Testing Specialist/Test Automation Specialist/Test Lead

Software tester/QA Tester/QA Specialist/Testing Specialist/Test Automation Specialist/Test Lead

Sector Background

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 16 €/h,
Full time position: 700 €/month
Current status
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