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Project Manager

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: CI (Continuous Integration) | Lean | Risk Management | Documentation | KYC (Know Your Customer) | Risk Analysis | Analysis/Investigations
Working Vilnius, Lithuania 2000 €/month

Personal Statement

As you may see from my CV, I have been working as a Project Manager for about 9 months (though, I was included in projects from 2014). That is a very small amount of time for experience to gather and for any random project. Still, I have managed to close 3 projects already and start implementing 1 new one. I controlled all project aspects during the whole realization life cycle. Besides that, I would say, that efficiency was not the only good thing there, as we were also concentrating a lot on quality and business benefits. The projects were very successful in being short-time-delivered, low-costs-requiring and revenue-bringing.


All three projects were very different: three HR processes implementation in JIRA, VAT Product overtaking from Finland and implementing in Latvia and Lithuania, and creation of new product for Sales, called Partnership Program. Thus you can understand, that during so little time I proved I can be flexible and multi-functional for being able to work with IT, business development and product management areas.


Besides my official work, on my free time, I am currently running an electronic shop. Therefore, I am very much into creating your own e-commerce business, since I am alone in doing everything from administrating the website, selecting, positioning and marketing the products, to communicating with clients. Product management, is not a new thing to me. More to that, outside the working hours, I am a restaurant-food blogger. I have my page, where I am periodically writing reviews on local food places.

Skill Stack

Documentation 4-5 years
KYC (Know Your Customer) 4-5 years
Anti Money Laundry 3-4 years
CRM 0-1 year
Risk Management 4-5 years
Risk Analysis 4-5 years
Analysis/Investigations 4-5 years
Stakeholders Management 2-3 years
Customer Facing 2-3 years
Team Leading 2-3 years
QA management 2-3 years
Release & Budget Planning 0-1 year
Business Analysis 0-1 year
Requirements Gathering 0-1 year
Business Process Management 0-1 year
CI (Continuous Integration) 4-5 years
Lean 4-5 years
Agile 1-2 years
Waterfall 1-2 years
Sprint 0-1 year
WordPress 0-1 year
Jira 0-1 year
Marketing & Management 0-1 year
Bank & Finance 4-5 years
Project Manager 0-1 year
Business Developer 0-1 year
Project Manager

Project Manager

Sector Background

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 17 €/h,
Full time position: 2000 €/month
Current status
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