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Product Owner

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Working Vilnius, Lithuania 1200 €/month

Personal Statement

If I were to highlight key strength of my character, the first word that would pop into the mind would be communicative. Through  work  experience  I  developed  a  strong  sense  of  direct approach in resolving issues by trying to create a synergy in discussions.

Adding on to the strengths, curiosity is another worthy notice. Because of it I have never stopped learning new things. For instance, I found  myself  interested  in  marketing, advertising  and  communications,  that  is  why  I  am  now  studying master’s of international marketing  and  management.  Because  of  curiosity,  knowledge  seeking  and  passion  for innovations me and 3 friends of mine established a 3D printing startup called “” last year. This examples how that working in groups has never brought any hardships, in fact I encourage teamwork, but if necessary I can work individually and go an extra mile to ensure that the work is well done.

In presence of hard challenges there is a tendency of mine to think out of the box, generating new  ideas  and implementing  those  while  also  motivating  others  to  do  the  same.  As experience  times  after  times  showed,  that  this  kind  of  strategy  greatly  pays  off;  in  other words, gaining knowledge as well as new skills is of great importance to me.

Strategic mindset is a trait I am proud of too. As a result, my daily routine and my tasks are well planned and done in time while evaluating possible risks with action plans of to how prevent them. That is my personal way to remain goal - oriented individual.

Skill Stack

Telecommunication 3-4 years
Advertising 2-3 years
eCommerce 1-2 years
Retail 0-1 year
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Really Good Person :) 5-6 years
Product Owner 1-2 years
Project Coordinator 1-2 years
Tester 0-1 year
Memberships & Discounts + + +
Career Gateway + + +
Inspirational Leadership + + +
Overwhelming Team + + +
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Culture of Experiments + +
HighTech-tools Supply + +
High-End Office + +
Exceptional Training + +
Relocation & Travel + +
High School degree Graduated
Product Owner

Product Owner

Sector Background
E-Commerce, Advertising, Telecommunication

Vilnius only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 13 €/h,
Full time position: 1200 €/month
Current status
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