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Junior Frontend developer

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: CSS3 | React.js | JavaScript | HTML5
Available Now Vilnius, Lithuania 100 €/month

Personal Statement

My name is Kornelijus Irtmonas, I am a Junior Frontend Developer. Last year I decided to change my career path and follow my dream of becoming a frontend developer, where I found Code Academy 101 program (680 contact hours) as a perfect opportunity to gain knowledge of web development.

I took my studies seriously, I was one of the group's top performing students and completed every task during the course. Therefore, I am looking for an internship opportunity that could let me bring the skills and knowledge gained and thus become even better. In exchange, I offer you my help in what I can do the best: HTML, CSS, Scss, BEM, JavaScript, React.js development, styled-components, Node.Js + Express, MongoDB, Git.

Skill Stack

CSS3 1-2 years
HTML5 1-2 years
SASS 0-1 year
JavaScript 1-2 years
MySQL 0-1 year
Mongo DB 0-1 year
React.js 1-2 years
Express.js 0-1 year
Redux 0-1 year
Node.js 0-1 year
Git 0-1 year
Agile 0-1 year
Junior Frontend developer

Junior Frontend developer

Sector Background
Not Specified

Vilnius only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 0 €/h,
Full time position: 100 €/month
Current status
Available Now
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