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Full-stack engineer ( .Net c#, JavaScript, Python)

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: JQuery
Open to Discuss Vilnius, Lithuania 100 €/month

Personal Statement

My name is Martynas. I'm full stack developer.

For the last years I have been working on different kind IT projects mostly with .NET technologies:

Online shopping, document management systems, school system, general data protection application, rooms booking service, advertising, office 365 integrations.

I'm open to discuss for new challenges and opportunities. 

Skill Stack

JQuery 5-6 years
KnockoutJS 4-5 years
React.js 4-5 years
TypeScript 2-3 years
JavaScript 4-5 years
Python 2-3 years
.Net 4-5 years
ASP.Net 4-5 years
C# 4-5 years
Back-end development 4-5 years
MSSQL 4-5 years
Full-stack engineer ( .Net c#, JavaScript, Python)

Full-stack engineer ( .Net c#, JavaScript, Python)

17% response rate

Sector Background
Advertising, Telecommunication, Public Sector, IT Company

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 1 €/h,
Full time position: 100 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
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