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Full stack developer (PHP, Laravel, ReactJs)

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: HTML5
Available Now 3000 €/month

Personal Statement

For a last 5 years I've been working on multiple projects with highly passionate teams from Lithuania. First and biggest online ISP comparison service in Lithuania Also worked as the software architect for beauty reservation system, multiple e-commerce websites, financial service platforms. Most of my work has been product architecture designs and helping team with development of backend and frontend. Currently looking for a new opportunities to be part of a highly devoted international team. I do prefer long working hours and intense schedule with benefits to be surrounded by a great atmosphere and really bright, hard-working coworkers.

Skill Stack

HTML5 4-5 years
LESS 3-4 years
SASS 3-4 years
CSS3 3-4 years
JSon 0-1 year
Nginx 0-1 year
Bootstrap 0-1 year
PHP 3-4 years
Scala 0-1 year
Rest API 2-3 years
React.js 1-2 years
Laravel 2-3 years
CodeIgniter 0-1 year
WordPress 0-1 year
Data analysis
Google Analytics 2-3 years
Front End Development 3-4 years
Algorithms 0-1 year
Machine Learning 0-1 year
Application Architecture 0-1 year
Data Analysis 0-1 year
Stakeholders Management 0-1 year
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation 0-1 year
IT Solution Development 0-1 year
Infrastructure Architecture 0-1 year
Business Analysis 0-1 year
Solution Architecture 0-1 year
Linux 1-2 years
Shell Scripting 0-1 year
Digital Communication 0-1 year
Marketing & Management 0-1 year
UX Design 2-3 years
Adobe Illustrator 1-2 years
Adobe Photoshop 1-2 years
UI Design 0-1 year
Adobe Indesign 0-1 year
OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) 0-1 year
Agile 0-1 year
Scrum 0-1 year
Git 2-3 years
Jira 0-1 year
Gulp 0-1 year
MySQL 2-3 years
PostgreSQL 0-1 year
Mongo DB 0-1 year
SQL 0-1 year
Google Cloud 0-1 year
CI/CD 0-1 year
Full stack developer (PHP, Laravel, ReactJs)

Full stack developer (PHP, Laravel, ReactJs)

Sector Background
Technology Startup, Telecommunication, Bank&Finance, E-Commerce, IT Company

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 20 €/h,
Full time position: 3000 €/month
Current status
Available Now
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