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Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: Customer Facing | Support of Systems | Business Analysis | Data Analysis | Data Management | VBScript (Visual Basic Script)
Open to Discuss VILNIUS, Lithuania 4000 €/month

Personal Statement

Domas has seven years of experience in implementing EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions in various sectors (Manufacturing, Financial Services, Transportation, etc.) He has implemented and led workstreams in different types of projects: Profitability, Cost Management, Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting and other.

Domas is very technically savvy due his type of work as a system architect, which requires complex multidimensional thinking (including database integration, project management, financial and management accounting skills). At the same time, he is proactive and effective in his communication with clients and projects' stakeholders. He has gained strong multicultural international experience working in Middle East, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Nordics and UK.

In addition, he possesses his financial experience and academic knowledge from different ongoing qualifications (1st level of CFA (US), CIMA (UK)), and Master's degree in Economics in leading university in Vilnius, Lithuania. As well as from a number of different trainings (Lean, Operational Excellence, Priority Based Budgeting, etc.)

Currently Domas works as a Principle Consultant for Middle East company. Previously he worked as a Senior Associate for PwC UK in London (3y 6m), as a Consultant for Vantage Performance Solutions (2y) and as a Financial Analyst/Controller for different companies in Retail and Banking sectors. His technology expertise is in SAP PCM, Anaplan (Solution Architect), SAP BPC and Jedox.

Skill Stack

VBScript (Visual Basic Script) 5-6 years
Customer Facing 5-6 years
Support of Systems 5-6 years
Business Analysis 5-6 years
Data Analysis 5-6 years
Data Management 5-6 years
Solution Architecture 4-5 years
Requirements Gathering 4-5 years
Systems Integration 4-5 years
IT Solution Development 4-5 years
Stakeholders Management 3-4 years
Release & Budget Planning 3-4 years
Data Modeling 3-4 years
Requirement Specification 3-4 years
Requirments Analysis 3-4 years
Software Architect 3-4 years
Team Leading 2-3 years
Applications Integration 1-2 years
System Architecture 1-2 years
Enterprise Architecture 1-2 years
Visual Studio 2-3 years
Jira 1-2 years
SAP BO 1-2 years
SAP BPC 0-1 year
Bank & Finance 5-6 years
Production 2-3 years
Tester 5-6 years
Developer 4-5 years
Architect 3-4 years
Project Manager 3-4 years
Business Intelligence Consultant 3-4 years
Business Analyst 3-4 years
IT Analyst 2-3 years
Designer 1-2 years
IT Architect 1-2 years
Accountant 1-2 years
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Rusų Обычный Пользователь (A1/A2)


100% response rate

Sector Background
Production, Bank&Finance

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 50 €/h,
Full time position: 4000 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
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