Experienced IT Manager, Manufacturing and Production, Logistics and Finance, CIO, CTO, COO, Head of IT, IT Operations Manager, Senior Specialist IT Infrastructure and Department manager

Experienced IT Manager, Manufacturing and Production, Logistics and Finance, CIO, CTO, COO, Head of IT, IT Operations Manager, Senior Specialist IT Infrastructure and Department manager

Expert (+10 years exp.)
43% response rate
Riga, Latvia 4950 €/month Working

Key experience

LDAP | Windows Servers | Windows Install & Support | Active Directory | Network Protocols | Hardware Assembling | Firewalls | Load Balancing | Network Security | Cisco | Virtualization | Data Storage & Backups | Storage Area Networks (SAN) | VMWare | HyperV | VirtualBox | Routers | Core Network | LAN/WAN | Solution Architecture | Stakeholders Management | Customer Facing | Team Leading | Release & Budget Planning | Support of Systems | Infrastructure Architecture | Configuration Management | IT Service Management | SOA | System Architecture | Enterprise Architecture | Risk Management | Identity Access Management (IAM) | Data Management | Requirement Specification | Network Architecture | Systems Integration | Application Management | IT Solution Development | IT Security | Risk Analysis | Systems administration | System implementation | Deployment | Implementation | Identity Management | Life Cycle Manager

Sector Background

Technology Startup, Public Sector, E-Commerce, Games Development, Insurance, Production, IT Company, Advertising, Telecommunication, Bank&Finance


European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 40 €/h,
Full time position: 4950 €/month
Current status

Personal Statement

All what you need to know about me:

I have 18 years work experience in IT area and I have strong technical and management background working in multiple environments, with ambitious IT projects, IT applications and platforms development management objectives, systems and IT Infrastructure administration, IT department management as well good understanding of different methodologies like prince2 / ITIL / Cobit and experience with ISO standards like quality, security and ITSM, which I am always using in practice performing my daily duties.

As Microsoft Azure Team Manager, As well a CIO / IT Manager and IT infrastrucure operations manager I am leading multiple IT infrastructure services, Datacenters, IT budget and procurement processes with IT cross vendors, IT processes, operations procedures definitions and implementation, as well leading various IT solutions development projects, managing IT personell, providing IT systems support and administration, controlling IT service delivery lifecycle, managing project executions. All of these activities was successfully and overall business satisfaction was achieved. I am always taking a key role of decision making and easily solving critical issues under big stress situations. Systems are working non-stop and end-users are happy.

I have strong understanding and experience within different IT areas, IT platform like virtualization and the cloud technologies, Invoicing and contract systems, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse management solutions. I have deep technical background and skills of managing datacenters, cloud and customers infrastructure, constantly developing new solutions with a best outcome. I am, people and system management oriented professional and I always playing major role in company business activities and continual service improvement strategies. I am looking for brilliant career opportunities to grow and constantly improve my experience and skills. 

I love IT world very much. It's a passionate hobby which connects me to Systems and Technologies in collaboration with people. I have enough good experience in IT management field and I aimed to move my career path forward and continue learn new things and use all my potential for further ambitiose IT projects.

Regarding my interpersonal and professional skills - I can work alone or as a part of a team, and I like working

non-stop to achieve best results for company. I am flexible and open minded, enjoy organizing people to work as one team, eager to learn new things, keen to work hard and open for new challenges. I am fluent in spoken and written Latvian, Russian, German and English languages.

I offer me as an expert for your company and I am ready to improve and support your company business from all technological, processual, systems and products management perspectives. 

I am open for taking my time speaking with you on interview. Looking forward hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Skill Stack

LDAP 5-6 years Windows Servers 5-6 years Windows Install & Support 5-6 years Active Directory 5-6 years Network Protocols 5-6 years Hardware Assembling 5-6 years Firewalls 5-6 years Load Balancing 5-6 years Network Security 5-6 years Cisco 5-6 years Virtualization 5-6 years Data Storage & Backups 5-6 years Storage Area Networks (SAN) 5-6 years VMWare 5-6 years HyperV 5-6 years VirtualBox 5-6 years Routers 5-6 years Core Network 5-6 years LAN/WAN 5-6 years System Tunning 2-3 years Linux Servers 1-2 years Linux Install & Support 1-2 years OpenStack 1-2 years Linux Security 0-1 year
Solution Architecture 5-6 years Stakeholders Management 5-6 years Customer Facing 5-6 years Team Leading 5-6 years Release & Budget Planning 5-6 years Support of Systems 5-6 years Infrastructure Architecture 5-6 years Configuration Management 5-6 years IT Service Management 5-6 years SOA 5-6 years System Architecture 5-6 years Enterprise Architecture 5-6 years Risk Management 5-6 years Identity Access Management (IAM) 5-6 years Data Management 5-6 years Requirement Specification 5-6 years Network Architecture 5-6 years Systems Integration 5-6 years Application Management 5-6 years IT Solution Development 5-6 years IT Security 5-6 years Risk Analysis 5-6 years Systems administration 5-6 years System implementation 5-6 years Deployment 5-6 years Implementation 5-6 years Identity Management 5-6 years Life Cycle Manager 5-6 years Security architect 4-5 years Requirements Gathering 2-3 years Business Analysis 1-2 years Data Analysis 1-2 years Security Architecture 1-2 years Application Architecture 1-2 years DevOps 0-1 year Applications Integration 0-1 year Data Modeling 0-1 year Data Migration 0-1 year SaaS (Software as a Service) 0-1 year System Development 0-1 year
Architect 5-6 years Engineer 5-6 years Technician 5-6 years Project Manager 5-6 years Supporter 5-6 years Quality Assurance Specialist 5-6 years Team Lead 5-6 years Assistant 5-6 years Helpdesk & IT Support 5-6 years Product Owner 5-6 years Project Coordinator 5-6 years IT Sales Manager 5-6 years IT Architect 5-6 years Hardware Engineer 5-6 years Scrum Master 4-5 years Business Developer 3-4 years Business Intelligence Consultant 3-4 years Business Analyst 3-4 years Business Architect 3-4 years Network Technician 2-3 years Integration architect 2-3 years HR - Human Resource 2-3 years IT Analyst 1-2 years Tester 0-1 year Designer 0-1 year Database Administrator (DBA) 0-1 year SEO Consultant 0-1 year Agile Coach 0-1 year Test Manager 0-1 year Data Warehouse Consultant 0-1 year Test Automation Architect 0-1 year Cloud Architect 0-1 year
Production 5-6 years IT Company 5-6 years Telecommunication 3-4 years Bank & Finance 2-3 years Insurance 1-2 years Games Development 0-1 year Advertising 0-1 year Public Sector 0-1 year eCommerce 0-1 year App Development 0-1 year
Rusų Родной Язык English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2) German Kompetente Sprachverwendung(C1/C2)
High School degree Graduated Bachelors degree in IT Graduated Masters degree in IT Graduated
Mind-blowing Projects + + + Inspirational Leadership + + + Career Gateway + + + HighTech-tools Supply + + + Culture of Experiments + + + High-End Office + + Relocation & Travel + Exceptional Training +

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