Data Analyst

Data Analyst

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Atvira(-a) pasiūlymui | Vilnius, Lietuva
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I would like to start with my selling point which is a constant willingness to learn new things. During my studies (Ph.D. in Physics) and working experience in the R&D field, I gained valuable skills. My background is grounded in academia which gave me critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. I was working on projects at national and international levels that gave me great opportunities to develop teamwork, and cross-functional work skills, continuously improve reporting and communicating of the results to inside and outside communities, presentations, and public speaking skills.

More than three years ago, I started working in a private company as a researcher in the femtosecond laser micromachining field. It was a completely new field for me, but in quite a short period of time I learned how to work with specific software for controlling laser systems and I gained experience in CAD software for working with drawings. Even though I started without a laser background, due to my rapid learning and effective communication with customers and colleagues, I was promoted to a senior researcher after 14 months. I was doing small research projects for customers and internal projects. Almost every day, there was a need to analyze data and report the results to customers or colleagues, including sales managers and stakeholders.

One year ago, I decided to switch my career to data analysis, because it is a fast-growing and continuously developing field. But most important for me, is that in the data analytics field, there are unlimited possibilities to learn new things. So I started to learn by myself and to take on as many data-related tasks as possible in the company where I was working. Mostly it was experimental data.As of the end of 2022, I successfully completed the 'Python and Big Data Engineering' boot camp, and I am nearly finished with the second part of this course (evening group). The main focus of these courses is data analysis with Python and SQL, in the second part we also learned about noSQL databases and PySpark. Since I enjoy working with Python, PowerBI, and SQL, I continuously learn and practice these skills through online resources and practice projects. Homework tasks from boot camps and hands-on projects are uploaded to GitHub: 

I was eager to dive into data analysis not just in my spare time, but also as part of my job. That's why I recently joined the Lithuanian Energy Agency. However, I've noticed that the chances to work on data-related projects are a bit limited compared to what I had hoped for. Therefore, I am looking for new opportunities that provide a more dynamic environment. My goal is to settle down in an environment where I can apply and develop my personal and professional skills.

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